State Leadership Conference (SLC)

April 19-21st, 2024, Virginia Beach, VA

2023 Number of Eligible Contestants per District

2022 and older SkillsUSA Virginia Results Access

Please have your contestant number and date of birth to view the individual results.


If there is not an update posted below for your contest, your contest will be following

the National Technical Standards. Please review the national Standards and prepare

for the contest as you would for the National contest.  

Clothing Requirements:  

You are not required to have  the official SkillsUSA logo on the uniform/polo,

as long as the color scheme, type of uniform follow requirements. 

All safety equipment must be supplied by contestants (safety glasses, shoes, gloves, etc)

and all safety procedures must be followed. 

Please follow the link to access National Technical Standards: 

You will need your personal login.  This is available when your membership is submitted. 

  SkillsUSA Virginia Events - State Leadership Conference