Champions at Work: Job-Ready, Day One


SkillsUSA Virginia is the student organization for students

enrolled in career and technical occupations in

Virginia’s high schools and community colleges.

The Student

     SkillsUSA Virginia Empowers

     SkillsUSA Virginia Teaches employability skills

     SkillsUSA Virginia Rewards

     SkillsUSA Virginia Provides a network

     SkillsUSA Virginia Builds self-esteem

…..And it is a lot of fun.

Action Driven Education

     Professional Development Program

          Organized, Relevant, Individualized

     Employability Skills Packages

          Visual, Teacher prepared, Motivational

It’s Good for Technical Education

     SkillsUSA Virginia connects to business

     SkillsUSA Virginia gets students into the community

     SkillsUSA Virginia gets students in the news

     SkillsUSA Virginia speaks and is heard




Perfect For The Teacher

     SkillsUSA Virginia creates an atmosphere of ownership

     SkillsUSA Virginia satisfies demands for ‘soft skills’

     SkillsUSA Virginia helps recruit quality students

     SkillsUSA Virginia gives teachers visibility

     SkillsUSA Virginia reduces discipline

     SkillsUSA Virginia causes teachers to be proud of their students

SkillsUSA Virginia is TOP NOTCH

     12 Strong Districts each running their own activities.

     Eighth largest state association

     Active and Supportive Alumni Association

SkillsUSA Virginia Advisor Manual

SkillsUSA Virginia Constitution and Bylaws


Champions at Work,