Board of Directors

Julie Atkins - President

Ed Sullivan - Past President

Dr. Brandon Martin - Vice President (Region 2)

Laura Smith - Secretary (Region 7)

Anthony Williams - Corporate Officer

and Interim SkillsUSA Virginia Specialist

Jerry Baker - Foundation President

Sonny Walker Morris - Foundation Treasurer

Matt Ingram - VATIE President

James Harper - Business and Industry

Rob Williams - Business and Industry

Joyce Price - State Officer Trainer

Lauren-Anne Sledzinski - Region 1

Matt Ingram - Region 3

Pam Smith - Region 4

Tara Roberts - Region 5

Robbie Dooley - Region 6

James Wright - Region 8

Janni Ange - Alumni Representative

Paravi Das - SkillsUSA Virginia Student State President

The SkillsUSA Virginia Education Board of Driectors is comprised of leaders from Education, Business, and Labor Unions that provides counsel, advice, and assistance to the Virginia Association of SkillsUSA, Inc. in carrying out its functions.